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Building a diverse community of teachers and administrators and addressing implicit biases, and supporting teachers in educating our children.


Addressing disciplinary infractions, finding solutions and ensuring we are keeping our students in the classroom.


Supporting the community schools model throughout the district and unifying stakeholders (community, parents, teachers) to make sure every student has the tools they need to succeed throughout their academic career.

Devon will bring her passion for serving the community, especially its youngest generation and assure that the voice of the students, families and community stakeholders will be heard.  Together we can change our future!

Community Schools

We currently have nine Community Schools, with full-time Service Coordinators and school based services, however, the needs are not isolated to just these schools. Community Schools are an effective and evidence-based way to remove learning barriers by working with students, parents, teachers, and community members to identify needs in each school and create new sustainable partnerships. I plan to expand community schools throughout the district to provide integrated wraparound support to benefit all students.

Career and Technical Education

Ensuring that all students are able to explore career and technical options during their time at PPS will provide students with the opportunity to succeed after they graduate high school. I will continue to work on the expansion of exploratory programs in more sites throughout the city, and connecting PPS students with employment opportunities throughout the City of Pittsburgh.

Safety and Mental Health and Wellness of Students and Staff

Many students in PPS are living with the detrimental effects of poverty and trauma, which became further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. In Pittsburgh, and across the country, mental health and other support services are unable to keep up with the demand. Students in PPS deserve access to services, delivered in their school, to help ensure academic and social/emotional success. Ensuring that every child and staff member feels safe in and out of their school is paramount. I plan to re-engage the Reimagine School Safety Taskforce that was stalled due to the pandemic to address school safety. 

Board Governance and Transparency

I will utilize my leadership experience to continue building cooperative relationships with stakeholders, community members and other local, state, and federal governing bodies. Decision making can be a challenge with many big ideas and passionate colleagues. It's important that we have structures and timelines in place to keep us on track. I’m invested in creating good governance processes and procedures to guide the board through its transparent decision making, goal setting, evaluation of  the superintendent, and progress monitoring of key measurable student outcomes. 

Building a Pipeline of Diverse Teachers 

Studies have shown that the most effective way to expand teacher diversity is through “grow your own” programs within school districts. Brashear’s Teaching Magnet allows students to explore this career path, with guaranteed employment upon graduation from a teaching college. I will continue working to expand interest in Brashear’s program through community education and advertisement, and supporting program staff.


Community Schools

Career and Technical Education

Safety and Mental Health and Wellness

Board Governance

Building a Pipeline of Diverse Teachers

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